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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


foreign tourists in Himachal
foreign tourists in Himachal
1/  To realize that saying I am going to take a trip to India is like saying I am going to take a trip to a continent—too big of a place to easily visit in one trip.
2/ The challenge is how to narrow down where you wanted to go and what you wanted to do.
3/Think about the types of experiences you want to have on your trip to India rather than the places you want to go.
For example: your co-traveler (children, your love mate, senior citizen etc)- likes and dislikes, overall ambiance of the location, interesting places
Most enjoyable things in India is to be visiting more minor sites, exotic and mystic places like incredible beaches, camel safaris,  rain forests, wild life, snow clad mountains, heavenly treks, awesome palaces and historical monuments, observing and participating in everyday life and  doing some low key things
4/  Create an itinerary based on weather because that one month window may drastically changes the weather patterns in India, and if you can’t  cope with heat, be careful. For example the weather for Jaisalmer may go up to 109F/42C in May-June
5/ If planning for a short trip (one week) then don’t plan a slow travel. Go for a standard itinerary like “Golden Triangle”
If planning a longer trip e.g. for 6 weeks, then plan for a moderate slow travel but my suggestion is minimum 2 nights in a place
6/ Do not overload yourself with books, games, food and other stuff. At most of the places you get everything and usually can be arranged by the hotel or resort
7/ Travel by train in India is a fun, if planned in advance.  Even a day before travel you can (dot at 8AM in the morning) book through TATKAL scheme, online (you have to open a free account) or through a reliable agent. You can travel by luxury buses, booked online (See my right sidebar). This is the best option if you want to experience vibrant colors of India
8/ Going through the process of getting Indian visas is such a hassle that you must apply for the ten years visa. You are bound to return to see other the other parts of the country.
Enjoy India!

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